Benazir and semi-Shia liberal theology

Her father was a liberal Shia. His name means the double edged sword of Ali the Commander of the Faithful. Ali fought a civil war against Mother of Believers called Jamal which shows that Shia faith is the death of political feminism. Ironically his father opposed a democratic Islamist leader who has the DNA of Commander of the faithful, her Shia faith ascribes to. So, her liberal theology is not internally consistent. I admire how she had the self respect to cover her head and how she disagreed with self hating Ayan Hirsi Ali whose country Somalia does not seem to have ecumenical thinkers like in Pakistan. Her symbolic head covering is sufficient for me to conclude that she did not agree with western sexual revolution although her liberal theology makes it nearly impossible to criticize it. I pray for empowerment of Muslim women based on liberation theology rather than anarchist and narcissistic feminism which seems to explain the highest divorce rate in the world in US. His marriage with a secular traditional male of average IQ may be a hint of the psychological fact that narcissistic women prefer weak marriage partners. I respect her more than western feminists but lesser than an American woman of faith Margaret Marcus who sensed the imminent sexual revolution with foresight and migrated to Pakistan.



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