Stephanie Tessier, her mother and salvation

Stephanie believed like many Muslims that all those who die without Islam lose salvation which is not true according to nuanced scholars of Islam.

For losing salvation, it is necessary that you recognize the truth fully and still reject it due to pride. But most good people never have a chance to meet an intelligent and nuanced Scriptural scholar in their lives.

Most of the scholarly works which deal with philosophical doubts are in Arabic and untranslated.

The historical wars were meant to ensure freedom of religion because Byzantines and Catholics did not allow that like to Moriscos.
Khadijah a businesswoman took take of herself.
Quran 24:33 talks about the consent of female servants.
I am an orthodox Muslim and I agree with her that both extremes of sexual revolution and anti-sexual negativity are not the solution.
She had a failed marriage so she is naturally biased against Islam so not a dispassionate de-conversion.




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