Kalash people, ancient greeks, hebrew gnosticism, Ishmaelite pronomian gnosticism and anti-imperialist phariseeism

Shalom on truth seekers. I am a Pakistani orthodox Muslim with Hebrew roots. Although the article is informative it contains stereotypical inaccuracies repeated by xenophobic anti-gnostic trinitarian fundamentalists. This article can help overcome many westerners to overcome their anti-Eastern xenophobia. As far as forced conversions are concerned, Quran 2:256 explicitly forbids them unlike Bible. Many ancient Hindu and ancient Hebrew tribes have voluntarily converted to Islam by virtue of Sufi pro-Ishmaelite gnostics, so pro-Israelite gnostic should respect their Abrahamic cousins. The Phoenecian Hebrews you discussed can choose to prefer their Abrahamic roots over Hellenistic roots and vice versa. Muslim philosophers like Averroes are one of the best examples of synthetic civilized identities. Taliban are a recent political phenomenon initially supported by Reagan, but now many orthodox scholars denounce their antinomian instances of phariseeism fearlessly. I have a friend from Chitral who knows Kalash people voluntarily converting to Islam due to Sufi missionaries of Tabligh. He also shared a kalash joke telling Muslims, that if even Muslims drink alcohol, so if you want us to convert to Islam, stop sinning before lecturing us. This is called ad hominem but Sufi gnostics love ad hominem criticism as it is necessary for moral and spiritual progress.Descendants of Esau settled in Babylon and in some of the Phoenician Cities such as Tyre.





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