Who are Salihi Zaydis?

Ryan Morgan Christison Too my knowledge these are the sub sects of the zaidiyya:

– Jaruidi (active and majority of houthis)
– Hadawy (active)
– Qasimi (active)
– Baqri (active)
– Sulaymani (inactive)
– Bathri (inactive)

Which one do you believe is more on the haq Ishmael Abraham?

Ishmael Abraham I love Salihi school founded by Hasan bin Salih bin Hayy who is said to never talk about dunya and wept a lot. His enemies said, we love the smile of Sunni Thawri than tears of Zaydi Salihi.

Ryan Morgan Christison Is this school not extinct tho?
Ishmael Abraham Ideas never become extinct 🙂 Truth seekers become extinct but heresiologists still mention them so their dhikr is not extinct. He represents the interface of the continuum.



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