Quran and violent intercultural conflict: The case of a controversial late fellow Pakistani

Assalamu alaykum Aurangzaib bhai. Thanks for the article. It helps modern educated pro-traditional people like me to know the ground realities more. My advice for both poles of Pakistani spectrum is to overcome our worst fears of the other by educating people about both anti-traditional and anti-modern xenophobia. The Recited Logos of Quran revealed to both physical and spiritual Ishmaelites teaches that homo sapiens are created weak and we have psychological weaknesses whether we are modernists or traditionalists. Modernists should empathize with traditionalists for preserving our roots although imperfectly and traditionalists should be educated about possible goodness of imperfect modern humans because Quran says we should stand for justice and truth even if is against our own selves (wa law ala anfusikum). Because sometimes we are defending our partially truthful egos instead of complete truth.



Urdu equivalent in Roman transliteration containing the gist: Mardan waqia awr Qurani rehnumai:  Asa. Qadeem ulama ko chahiye ke wo Wa law ala Anfusikum par amal karay yani haq bat qubul karay hatta ke agar apne khilaf kiyu na ho. Jadeed talim yaftagan ko chahiye ke darakht ki hifazat karnay walo ke sath shafqat awr shukarguzari ke sath pesh aye. Allah farmata he insan kamzor he chahe qadeem ho ya jadeed.




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