Sacred ink of the Recited Logos and the sacred tears of five prayers

To an American sister marrying a Pakistani guy: I met the American converts in interfaith fb discussion groups. I think Pakistani men never cheat unless they are too secular. So, it is a good choice for a life partner. I have also offered Sufi counseling to couples in past so if you feel the need to understand traditional psychology, I will help. Islam is a life long journey in the ocean of sacred ink and sacred tears. Quran the Ishmaelite Logos is sacred ink and five daily prayers are the sacred tears. You can start from weekly Friday prayers or bi annual Eid prayers. In America, they have Sunday although Jesus prayed on Saturday. Then God changed it to Friday with easier rules. We take a bath before Friday prayers because the feeling of purity makes us feel holy.


Great I like small steps. Cheating is a problem but my approach has been to address it with the individual rather than addressing the issue in general.
What is Sufi counseling?


Psychology is a modern invention by a secular but Abrahamic scholar Freud, but before psychology, Sufi saints used to give advice to couples in our cultures.




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