On Rosary with a Protestant

Ishmael Abraham Although we invoke the First Person, we also use rosary although it is not Scriptural but since many disciples used date seeds to count the number of recitals, one can take that as a nomian precedent.
Cee Nee Jesus said to pray to God in secret and never use repetition. Why Don’t People Listen?
Ishmael Abraham The word about repetition actually means emptiness of heart. If your heart is not empty, then Paul said: Pray without ceasing.
Cee Nee Your response is a materialistic point of view, Jesus was conveying a spiritual point of view. Lets not confuse humanity!
Ishmael Abraham Emptiness of heart is a spiritual concept.
Cee Nee  repetition is materialistic if it needs to be counted.
Ishmael Abraham Praying without ceasing is not materialistic.
Ishmael Abraham If you cannot repeat the prayer 100 times, how can you pray without ceasing, It is a trick of Satan to stop you from praying more.
Cee Nee Pray without ceasing is not repetition IF you do not say the same verse over and over…OMG! NO WONDER PEOPLE ARE SO CONFUSED SHAME!
Ishmael Abraham So, you deny the verse of Paul who said: Pray without ceasing? I also deny antinomianism of Paul.
Ishmael Abraham Loving one verse is wrong, you mean.
Cee Nee Don’t put words into my mouth! You lack spiritual understanding dear
Ishmael Abraham I pray without ceasing, thanks to God, so I have spiritual understanding as well as humility.

Cee Nee May God give you spiritual understanding as you are very attached to material mindset.
Ishmael Abraham Isn’t American flag on your profile picture materialistic because US wages many wars killing millions.
Cee Nee I don’t pray to the flag!
Ishmael Abraham You pray to trinity which is like praying to saints.
Cee Nee May God give you what you deserve…your behavior is very ….good bye .
Ishmael Abraham May God give you humility and me as well.
Cee Nee Inshallah



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