Exploring a Scriptural approach to evolutionary theism after failed deism

Muslim evolutionary theism is still in infancy  but future of theism depends a lot in developing it at a more nuanced level, that’s why I love BioLogos foundation although when I chatted them, they did not like my Scriptural approach because deism is seen by some arguably as the forerunner of atheism due to lack of a Scriptural approach.

Peter Bell I like BioLogos too, but I don’t see how deism leads to atheism. Deism as a philosophy or theology has been around for a long time, and deists don’t always turn into atheists but often stay deists for a very long time, even for a lifetime. I find deism deficient in that its impersonal nature keeps us a long distance from union with God (contrary to the teaching and experience of Sufis and others), but it is not the paved road to atheism. Is this what the folks at BioLogos are thinking? Thank you for the interesting and intelligent discussion.




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