First good discussion with an Orthodox Christian

Shalom on truth seekers. Have you studied Seraphim Rose. He admired the Muslim pro-Ishmaelite faithful Rene Guenon and also constructively criticized him.
David Hawthorne Yes, before he was Orthodox he was a disciple of Guenon and the Perennialist school.
Ishmael Abraham I love when Eastern Orthodox constructively criticize Roman Catholics and neo-Roman Protestants. Because Quran has a chapter on Roman Catholicism, as Syrian Orthodoxy assimilated into Islam. The wife of third Caliph was a Syrian Orthodox Christian and her husband died while reciting Quran.
David Hawthorne Which sura is about RCism?
Ishmael Abraham Chapter 30 predicted that Byzantine empire will defeat Persian Zoroastrianism.
David Hawthorne I think Islam brought down the Sassanids. Ishmael Abraham Yes. But Islam was still in infancy when Byzantines struggled with Sassanids. Like US and Soviets in modernity.
Ishmael Abraham An Orthodox Christian monk also blocked me ( an orthodox Muslim) when I asked him, if God loves Satan/Antichrist?
David Hawthorne God loves all of His creatures, even the worst, otherwise the Scriptures would not say He desires that none perish but that all come to a knowledge of the Truth to be saved.
We also hear from the Apostle John that “God is Love". If He stopped loving when He came to some individual He would change and no longer be God. But it is common to all classical theisms including Christianity, Judaism and Islam that God is impassible so He cannot not love.
Any deficiency of love is always from our part and it is this that can separate us from being in relation to God as we should be.
So, yes, I would say God does love Satan and the Antichrist but their refusal to repent keeps them from being the good beings God calls them to be so that they are continually at odds with Him and for that reason under judgement.
Ishmael Abraham Psalm 5:5 David Hawthorne A good insight that helped me comes from Origen’s Commentary on Jeremiah.
He said that when we speak of God’ love or justice or “God got angry" or “jealous" or whatever we should remember we are only speaking by analogy.
If I get mad or jealous then it is imperfect and mixed with sin most of the time but God has these perfectly without any impurities.
So when we describe God as “jealous" we should remember it is not like a person being jealous but the word is just a homonym. It sounds the same but is fundamentally different.
We just use such words because of our own limitations in understanding. Ishmael Abraham That’s why Quran 4:40 says that God never commits even an atom of injustice(zulm). David Hawthorne On that all classical theists can agree.


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