Why ethical truths are more important than logical truths in 21st century politics?

To a tolerant American secularist: The epistemological dialogue about nature of truth should not be a factor in political decisions, because these discussions were promoted by Muslim culture in a respectful intellectual atmosphere in past. As I told you before military industrial complex is based on scientific truths but it is unethical. So, we should also explore the nature of ethical truths along with logical truths.

Peter Bell Yes, we do need to explore ethical truth — but I think you know that the epistemological discussion you mention IS IN FACT NOW a major factor in American politics, with highly disastrous results on every front. Many specific examples spring to mind. I agree with you that THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO, but in fact it is so, and we need to explore what to do to change it to the way it should be.

Ishmael Abraham When atheist Krauss criticized Ben Carson for being inaccurate about beginning of universe and evolution, I could sense that logical truths are valued more in modern West. But I think one does not need a PhD to be ethically and spiritually honest. But I thank God that no one can criticize my IQ too, but I think IQ cannot save your soul if you are not humble as it leads to what psychologists call grandiose delusions and educated people suffer from those the most.



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