The dialectics of Ishmaelite mysticism

The dialectics of Ishmaelite mysticism: Although Rumi was a unitarian due to his ignored background in sacred texts, but some scholars have expressed skepticism about the Sufi mystic idea of unity of being in which you are so much immersed in the intimacy with the Divine that you annihilate your own being like that insect which moves towards light and ends up being burnt by it. This is called unity of being. But the texts teach that we should not forget the rights of our own breathing self. So, some saints who knew both texts and love, taught that we should love like unity of perception so that we only become self-unconscious while witnessing divine beauty without annihilating the breathing self. So, when we pray, we forget everything else but then we go to our families and work and share the light of intimacy with others. In past I was very self-neglecting but now I am an engineer while sharing the light of intimacy.  So, no one can now accuse the believers of unity of perception of polytheistic paganism.

Jerry Sexton Could the ego not be fearing losing itself if it is annhilated? ( A secular Buddhist ) 
Ishmael Abraham Scientists say matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. And, the consciousness of ego is both matter and energy so it cannot be physically destroyed. What annihilation means here being so intimate with someone other than you that you ignore or forget yourself. We can find an intimate life partner but still we can feel the lack of intimacy at least sometimes because what others want is beyond your control. What our mystics fear is not ‘losing ego’ but ‘not losing ego’ so I have evolved into sometime who engages in temporal activities as duties towards myself, family and society but I feel happiest and most free when I have lost my ego during reaching out.
Matthew Williamson Unitarianism is false and heretical
Ishmael Abraham Were Ebionites heretical? Is first and greatest commandment a heresy or the source of salvation?


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