To a self-described Salafi feminist: How company of tahajjud-observant sisters can help overcoming anarchist narcissism

I think Sayyidah Nafisah, peace be upon her, is the pinnacle of female saints among the later Salaf. A woman who has memorized the Quran in 21st century would be better than a public speaker which can induce anarchist narcissism which has led to many divorces in the traditional world. Psychologists say that sign of narcissism is marrying a weak submissive man instead of an assertive scholar of Salaf. However if you develop zuhd and asecticism of Salaf through the company of tahajjud-observant sisters, along with their scholarship, you may not develop anarchist narcissism.
For one of the best articles on psychology of a sensual Paradise an idea which is based on the Jewish idea of a physical Paradise of milk and honey as opposed to Christian idea of no marriage in heaven which an atheist commentator described equivalent to Hell.


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