The nests of divine remembrace and obedience: Eagle’s nest and secular distrurbances

God compares attraction of a saint to remembrance and obedience like that of eagle to its nest.
This is narrated by Imam Ahmad in his book about asceticism from Ata bin Yasar who describes a dialogue between Moses peace be upon him and God. Moses peace be upon him asks God, who are your Godly people whom you will grant the shade of your throne. So, God describes them as eagles of love and obedience and tigers against the forbidden.
في الزهد للإمام أحمد عن عطاء بن يسار ، قال : قال موسى عليه السلام : يا رب ، من هم أهلك الذين تظلهم في ظل عرشك ؟ قال : يا موسى ، هم البريئة أيديهم ، الطاهرة قلوبهم ، الذين يتحابون بجلالي ، الذين إذا ذكرت ذكروا بي ، وإذا ذكروا ذكرت بذكرهم ، الذين يسبغون الوضوء في المكاره ، وينيبون إلى ذكري كما تنيب النسور إلى وكورها ، ويكلفون بحبي كما يكلف الصبي بحب الناس ، ويغضبون لمحارمي إذا استحلت كما يغضب النمر إذا حورب
A Vermillion, Ohio nest measured 2.6 meters across its top and was 3.6 meters high and weighed nearly 1,000 kilograms! Sometimes, eagles will build more than one nest and use them alternately.
An eagle nest is constructed from large sticks, which are laid together to form the outside part of the nest. The center of the nest is filled with dead weeds, stubble and other softer materials, which may be available in the area. The nest cavity where the eggs are laid is lined with grass, dry moss and feathers. Many authorities believe that some bald eagles show such a strong attraction to their nesting site that, if displaced or overly disturbed, a pair may not return to the nest the following year. This fact places great importance on protecting nesting areas from disturbances such as logging operations, land development and recreational activities.
Secularism describes those disturbances.
The weeping saint Ata bin Yasar due to the scorpion of seduction:


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