I learnt what Nick Elam means after an American Zionist called me Asshur the Antichrist :)

He did not even know that that my biological forefather was the one who killed Nimrod. May God make me a spiritual, intellectual and possibly a physical purifier of Temples of Jerusalem and Baca like the holy Elam of Nehemiah 12.
Elam is also the name of the place where the Muslim philosophical saint Ghazali was born which is modern day Iran.
Elam is also included in the name of my tolerant American secularist virtual neighbour Nick Elam.
When the temple of Baca is purified, the oud pefume is mixed with holy water which is made from agarwood. First-grade agarwood is one of the most expensive natural raw materials in the world, with 2010 prices for superior pure material as high as US$100,000/kg
The name Nick also has wonderful connotations for me. Nick is shortened form of Saint Nicholas who was born in Turkey and apparently my Nick loves The Young Turks who are involved in US politics. However, there is something even more interesting he was involved in anti-unitarian heresy and Isaac Newton and Muslims would have disagreed with him, but with rise of greek rationalism, unitarianism makes more sense than trinity.
Santa Claus is thought by some to have evolved from Saint Nicholas too. I hope just like people today disagree with idea of Santa, they may also overcome the trinity of Saint Nicholas.



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