Al-Atash: Dying with thirst in desert of karbala and the thirst for sacred knowledge

Assalamu alaykum sister. I am an electrical engineer and a student of Tafsir, Hadith and Ahlulbayt from Pakistan and I am happy to know there are pak(pure) people in India who love the pak struggle of Imam Husain(as) against secular Muslim government of his time. Today I wept when I read the word Atash in wikipedia biography of Imam Daralqutni(r) in the context of thirst for sacred knowledge. فحُبب إليه طلب العلم وقد ساعده على ذلك مامنحه الله من تعطش شديد للمعرفة For example, Imam Husain(as) learnt the dua of qunut from his Nana, I guess, even before puberty. I wanted to tell my mother why I wept, but she could not recognize what Al-Atash means. I am happy that there are still modern educated sisters in the world who know Arabic words of religious significance. I like the approach of Zaydi Shias of Yemen who do not exaggerate in mourning and avoid public weeping which can become riya (pretentious worship) and self-mutilation. Dr. Ali Shariati an Ithna Ashari scholar has said that we should become Alawi Shia instead of becoming a Safawi Shia.I am happy that you are informed about history like Dr. Rajendra. God bless you. Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir(as) said: Our true Shia are those who do not disobey Allah and pray tahajjud. God bless you.


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