A Pakistani modernist ignorant of both Quran and West discusses sexology and humorous poet Anwar Masood

Assalamu alaykum. Anwar Masood brought me here due to his preference for a national Pakistani identity compared to his Punjabi identity. I also appreciate him for naming one of his humorous poems after Quran 59:2 about tragedy of East Pakistan. Islamic sexology has been practiced for centuries and even Mother of Believers has described the sacred sexual norms in detail and some narrow minded Shia brothers have criticized that. But even the Prophetic descendants in Shia texts have responded to questions vaguely similar to oral sex and fingering and supposedly allowed that. At least that responds to their biased criticism. Latest research has shown that many of Freud’s theories do not match the scientific evidence. For example oedipus complex never made any sense to me. Before dying Freud wrote about his Prophet Moses peace be upon him but secular Muslims are mostly ignorant about that. Cousin marriage, plural marriage and early marriage are still taboo in West. Darwin married his cousin. Martin Luther called plural marriage biblical and Romeo and Juliet were a case of teenage romance. NYT even published and glorified a Mormon pre-teen lesbian recently but they hate early heterosexual marriage. So, your criticism of Pakistani society is based on your own Scriptural and even western ignorance.



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