How to Scripturally and intelligently deradicalize a trinitarian Christian extremist

Thomas Edward Morgan Jr. Jesus is God in physical form.
The Father is Shekinah Glory and boundless.
The Holy Spirit is the fullness of God indwelling sinful men.
Jesus can reveal the Father or Shekinah Glory by transfiguring. We can gain Jesus’ spirit by becoming a believer in the power of His blood to cover our sin.
If I step boldly before the throne of God, I shall see Christ Jesus sitting at the throne.
I will be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Shekinah Glory shall be filling the whole of the heavens.
What is not to understand? These three are one.
Ishmael Abraham Can God take the physical form of an idol? I think Shekinah is creation not Creator. God mentions Shekinah in Quran 2:248 9:26 9:40 48:4 48:18 48:26. For the curiosity of Shia readers, most of these verses are from Chapter of Repentance which mentions the first Caliph of Islam and Chapter of Victory which contains the most famous verse honouring the blessed Companions. I think God the Creator is the fullness of God. Since the concept of indwelling can lead to heresy of making an infinite God occupy a finite space, we use the concept of spiritual vitality and/or re-birth as mentioned in Quran 8:24 and 36:70. I think if spirit supposedly indwells, we cease to be sinners but when we become sinners faith departs. This is how the Ishmaelite light of gentiles (p) described it. He said: When a believer commits fornication, faith departs him and hovers over him like a shadow and when he stops doing that the faith returns. We believe that ink of sacred scholars is more beloved to God than blood of martyrs and according to Ezekiel 18:20 no one can die for the sins of another. However, God commands in Quran 108:2 that we should spill the blood of animals to remind us of the Abrahamic sacrifice. We also believe that an Ishmaelite saint gave his blood for God in desert of karbala. We admit that Jesus peace be upon him had willingness to give blood but since he is a victorious King Messiah, even secular Antichrist cannot kill him. If you really want to be close to the Throne of God please recite Quran 2:255 and 9:129. Some sufi Muslims also think that the Ishmaelite light of gentiles will sit with God on his throne, but orthodox scholars consider it a heretical and blasphemous concept. I understand the concepts you use more than American secularists whom you love more, but I find the hypostatic union an influence of greco-roman paganism which has seduced both Christians and secularists.
Thomas Edward Morgan Jr. Sampson was indwelt and slew humans who were as wicked as Muslims in the thousands.
Ishmael Abraham Muslims fight with jawbones like Samson while America has weapons like Goliath?
Assalamu alaykum. This article has helped me during dialogue with a trinitarian militant Christian on the concept of indwelling of spirit. Thanks a lot.


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