Advice to an American secularist regarding synthesis of civilizations

I think US is comparatively better than Middle East. For example, due to laws made by Bush as known as ideological exclusion act Tariq Ramadan could not enter US. But activists like you helped him enter US and then he had a dialogue with Hitchens. In the Middle East people get executed simply for supporting democratic brotherhood due to Israeli pressure. You once told me that my optimism and activism will not bear fruits until I die but you are my fruit and I am your fruit. Your open mindedness makes me hopeful about synthesis of civilizations through dialogue. They promote clash of civilizations. They cannot kill truthful ideas. Our ideas will inspire future generations and finally the humanity will wake up. We should work on developing intercultural ideas. For example I am working on promoting science and psychology in the traditional world. You can explore Middle eastern ideas which resonate with you and promote them in the modern world. In this way, we overcome xenophobia and war cannot work when xenophobia is gone. When people start to see foreigners as humans like them, imperialist propaganda cannot work anymore. Even if one candle is alive darkness cannot prevail and if that candle lights at least one another candle before dying the cycle will continue.


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