Spiritual Compassion Fatigue

Spiritual Compassion Fatigue

Being disciples of Sufi saints we feel traumatized by majority of people on earth being engaged in sinful lifestyles and this induces feelings of great spiritual compassion within us. But since we cannot reach out to everyone undergoing spiritual suffering, this can create stressful feelings, but Islam teaches that the divine requirement from us is a global intention and moderate action, while changing of hearts is divine prerogative. Noble Hadith teaches that there had been Prophets in history who failed to persuade a single person to abandon their spiritually harmful ideas and lifestyles, but still they are successful in the sight of God because of their right intentions and consistent actions.
To help prevent compassion fatigue, Dr. Sood recommends: Try to comes to terms with the fact that pain and suffering are realities of life over which we have little or no control. God says in Quran 90:4 that We have created man into struggles and challenges. The wisdom behind it is that it inspires progressive, altruistic, intellectual and spiritual pursuits like psychiatry, philanthropy and sufism. Moreover, it reminds us of the fact that perfection can only be achieved in eternal Hereafter in Paradise, so we should lead altruistic lives here rather than purely individualistic lives.



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