Hadith prophecy about a future western world order 

Amr ibn Al-As reported: The Quraish importer said to him that he heard the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, say, “The Hour will be established and the Romans will be a majority of the people.” Amr said, “Be careful what you say.” The man said, “I have said what I heard from the Messenger of Allah.” Amr said, “If the Prophet said that, indeed, there are four qualities in them: they are the most judicious of people during a tribulation, they are the quickest to recover after a calamity, they are the quickest to return to battle after a retreat, and they behave well with the poor and weak. Their fifth quality is good and beautiful: they are best at preventing the oppression of their kings.”
Ibn Kathir interprets it to mean that Romans will convert to Islam. الحافظ ابن كثير رحمه الله: هذا يدل على أن الروم يسلمون في آخر الزمان،
But Munawi interprets it to mean that Romans will become atheists. وقال عبد الرءوف المناوي: (تقوم الساعة) أي القيامة. (والروم أكثر الناس) ومن عداهم بالنسبة إليهم قليل، وثبت في الصحيح: ) أنه لا يبقى مسلم وقت قيام الساعة ( لكن يكون الروم وهم قوم معروفون وهم أكثر الكفرة ذلك الوقت.
Qurtubi a Spanish Muslim scholar says that Amr found those qualities in his contemporary Romans but they were absent in Romans of his time.



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