Adele is a voice of sanity in the ocean of western sexual madness 

Since Muslims are not immune to western music due to globalization and cultural imperialism, I find Adele a voice of sanity in an ocean of sexual madness. May God bless her and guide her to the Truth sent by One God. Adele said:“I have never seen magazine covers and music videos and thought: ‘I need to look like that to be a success.’ To sell more records, I don’t even need to do that. I just stand there and sing. No matter what you look like, the key is to be happy with yourself.”
Joanne Zaahidah Sijka-Shaikh The Prophet s.a.w. had made mention of the good qualities of the people of Rum and in the last days they will come to the faith in large numbers, like we see today. this is why tolerance and mercy should always be shown to everyone.


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