Good news and warning of Prophetic descendant Imam Zayn AlAbidin(r) about Noble Sadat Prophetic descendants

(التفت الإمام الرضا لزيد يوما وهو يفتخر على غيره قائلا له ؛ يا زيد أغرك قول ناقلي الكوفة إن فاطمة أحصنت فرجها فحرم الله ذريتها على النار ،فلا والله إلا للحسن والحسين وولد بطنها خاصة ، أما أن يكون موسى بن جعفر يطيع الله ويصوم نهاره ، ويقيم ليله وتعصيه أنت، ثم تجيئان يوم القيامة سواء لا أنت أعز على الله وجل منه ؟ إن عليا بن الحسين كان يقول: لمحسننا كفلان من الأجر ولمسيئنا ضعفان من العذاب )كذا جاء في (بحار الأنوار64/65). Imam Ali Arridha(r) said to his brother Zayd Annar bin Imam Musa Alkadhim(r) who burnt the gardens of Banu Abbas after conquering Basra and he was taking pride in his descent(nasab). He said: O Zayd! You have been deceived by the words of a speaker of Kufah that since Fatimah(as) guarded her chastity, so Allah has forbidden her children on Fire. By Allah! That is for Imam Hasan(r) and Imam Husain(r) in particular and the children of her womb. How is it possible that Imam Musa Alkadhim(r) obeys Allah and fasts during his days and stands in worship during his nights and you disobey Allah, and when both of you are brought on day of rising of dead, would both of you be equal. No, are you nobler in the sight of Allah than Imam Musa Alkadhim(r). Imam Zayn AlAbidin(r) used to say: For those among us Ahlulbayt who are righteous have twice ajr(reward) and for those among us Ahlulbayt who are wrongdoers will have twice punishment. Bihar AlAnwar 64/65


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