Do I desperately seek attention and approval of colonizing whites due to a colonized mind?

Do I desperately seek attention and approval of whites?
Hussain Murtaza He comes from Pakistan, my home country. So I can very well relate to this psychology of craving for the white man’s attention. The white men colonized us for a hundred years and we still haven’t been to move past that psychology. You can’t even imagine how the white man is considered to be the benchmark of all excellence, in our part of the world. This has nothing to do with racism, you would have understood this if you had this context in mind
Jerry Sexton Well I will say this about him. I respect him even if I don’t believe in a deity. His command of the English language is most impressive. He loves debate, as do I. He tolerates insults very well, stays friends with Christians and atheists even when they tell him in not so friendly ways that his views are wrong. If there were anything that I would change about him, it would be his view about secular government. 🙂
Ishmael Abraham Islam offered humanity what Antichrist secularism offers today without its seductively destructive potential for mass apostasy.
Ishmael Abraham The word for evangelism in Islam is dawah or calling humanity towards Allah their Creator. So, it is about making humanity attentive to their Origin. I seek attention of everyone who disagrees with Quran and Sunnah. So, I befriend even takfiri, cursing and abusive Shia extremists who can be Arabs, Persians or Indians so that does not depend upon race.
Jerry, your evangelism was not Scripturally intelligent because Jesus peace be upon him clearly said: I am sent ONLY to the lost sheep of house of Israel, while Ishmaelite Prophet Muhammad blessings and peace be upon him was sent for all mankind (Quran 7:158 48:13 3:85 25:1)


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