Thanking Allah for a milestone in being an orthodox intellectual progressive & inspiring disenchantment in the traditional world

Today is a blessed and happy day. I have scored Top 3 position in Pakistani MSEE admissions and I have scored 76% marks as expected in foreign scholarship test. Pakistani MS will allow me to continue my mission in a relaxed way while foreign MS will require a lot of hard work which will decrease my online interactions with foreigners. My electrical engineering studies will enable me to delve into the ultimate questions of existence like quantum cosmo-genesis from a theosophical perspective. I may study subjects like quantum cryptography, quantum computing and nano electronics which define the modern technologies of future. But, my aim is to consciously disenchant myself from the spell of modernity through insightful and skeptical familiarization and to inspire a movement of conscious disenchantment (taharrur min al sihr or liberation from spell) in the traditional world.


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