A Jew says God gave Holy Land to Jews in Quran


You said:”Palestinians have lived in Israel since before it was Israel”. Yes, but the Palestinians were the Jews! It was in 1964 that the Arabs living in Israel were renamed as ‘Palestinians’ by the KGB. But you know this.
In the Palestine Mandate there are Jews and non Jews, no Palestinians. The Koran too speaks of Jews many times but no Palestinians or Palestine. It does mention the Holy Land which in 5:20–21 Allah gives it to the Jews and nobody else!
In the next verse, God tells how Jews disobeyed Moses peace be upon him and refused to fight the stronger army. Today the stronger secular army of Goliath is Israel. Palestinians do not have a strong modern army. According to Quran 28:5 2:124 and 21:105 God will make weaker righteous people the rulers of Holy Land, while Israel has gay clubs and pubs. So, Jews in order to be included in Abrahamic covenant of leadership of Holy Land in Quran 2:124 should follow the Ishmaelite Prophet of Deuteronomy 18 and Isaiah 42.
Jews _were_ Palestinians before the creation of Israel, as were others living in Palestine pre-Israel. The name Palestine itself is a fairly recent political construct, with the word most likely coming from the Philistines, who primarily occupied a small region in what is now Gaza. When Palestine was first constructed and defined by Western powers toward a Jewish homeland, it included what is now Jordan. Jordan was eventually split off and former “Palestinians” became Jordanian citizens. Then the remainder of Palestine — from the Jordan River to the sea — was what was left of Palestine for the Jewish homeland. Then even that got whittled down to provide an area of the West Bank and Gaza to be removed from the proposed Jewish homeland.
And it is perplexing that the same people who pontificate against Israel having been provided as a Jewish homeland carved out of the former (Muslim) Ottoman Empire are deafeningly silent on a similar situation about 2,000 miles away — where Pakistan was carved out of primarily Hindu India to create an Islamic state (originally there was East and West Pakistan, with East Pakistan eventually splitting off politically and becoming Bangladesh).
That division resulted in a horror of murders, deaths, rapes, and loss of property for millions of displaced people — far greater than the impact of the creation of Israel where Arab Palestinians fled or were pushed out even while a similar number of Jews were pushed out of or fled Muslim parts of the Middle East and northern Africa. If the creation of Israel was such an “affront,” how much greater must the complaints be about the creation of East and West Pakistan? Yet there is little more than silence, giving the appearance that the creation of religious-based states is only a problem when a Jewish state is involved, and not a problem when a Muslim state is involved.
I am a Muslim from Pakistan and ancestors of Pakistanis were Hindus who converted to Islam. Did any Palestinian convert to Judaism.



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