Answering a modernist on Google plus

Seneca Vitharana Human suffer and have momentary pleasure as well, due to ignorance. For sure, none of the believers can prove the existence of God with empirical evidence. You try hard to justify existence of Allah. So do Christians of their Almighty God. Every religion is calming the superiority over other. Islam is at its worst cuz it’s monotheistic. I agree with you, in this universe and beyond no empirical evidence can be found for everything. In same vein all humbug expressed by some individual like your Prophet should not be cherished in blind faith without being tested with knowledge and evidence we have. Forget about empirical evidence. No one can provide even trace of corroborative evidence. Btw, my post was not about existence of God cuz it’s an utter waste of time and energy. Throughout the history ppl have been arguing on the holycrap on old scriptures, spending lots of resources cuz its the best weapon invented by human to fool and subjugate masses. You too are a victim of it. Having said that faith based religions are not without its own merits. A direct question related to the original post is; are you willing to give your 7 years old little sister/daughter to a wealthy and strong old man enough to be a grandpa in marriage or would you marry to have sex with a little girl and promote polygamy?. If your God/allha does exist , whats the rationality of his existence. When Russia/USA bomb Syria and Iraq all believers, ISIS as well as ordinary ppl shout “The God is great or Allahu Akbar" yet bombs fall, people die/get injured, property damage. So called martyrs kill unarmed ppl including die hard believers in the name of Allah, and shout " the God Is great" Make sense???. Deprive of freedom of thinking is an abuse. Its done in the name of God. A discussion is difficult when someone is boxed in and in absence of pragmatic and critical thinking.
Ishmael Abraham“For sure, none of the believers can prove the existence of God with empirical evidence." Quran 21:30 accurately describes singularity at big bang which is an empirical evidence of a supernatural intelligent author because no one could know that in pre-modern era, along with the lowest point in land on earth
Ishmael Abraham“A direct question related to the original post is; are you willing to give your 7 years old little sister/daughter to a wealthy and strong old man" There are orthodox scholars who say the age of consent is 15 because Ishmaelite Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him forbade boys younger than 15 from participating in battle of Badr. Both the act of participating in war and a marriage require intelligent consent otherwise it would be coercion. Hadith texts which mention the age of 9 are not infallible like Quran which is better than modern Delaware of 1880, while the term modernity was coined in 1864. If you rely that the age was precisely 9, why do you deny that moon split into two halves also mentioned in Hadith texts. Modern cultures celebrate Valentine’s day and the romance of Romeo and Juliet is part of modern culture. Romeo was 14 and Juliet was 13. Marriage at puberty accords with our biological nature which starts to reproduce at puberty and it is very inconsistent for secular naturalists to deny human nature who usually come up with this allegation.So, I will marry my daughter and sister at 15. Modern actor Harrison Ford married a woman 22 years younger than him. Quran 24:58 for example takes great care that children do not end up accidentally looking at private parts of their elders, so how can such a Scripture tolerate sexual contact prior to puberty
Ishmael Abraham Suicide bombers are traumatized by murder of millions of their brothers and sister and by pornography. It is strange that you would support a gay person who would commit suicide but do not want to understand the psychology of a suicide bomber. Talal Asad a modern Muslim sociologist have written a book on psychology of suicide bombers. And, we do not worry about falling bombs because God says in Quran 21:105 that Holy Land of Middle East will finally be ruled by righteous servants of God.


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