Is obsessive accuracy spiritually harmful?

کیا راویوں پر شدید جرح کرنا تکبر اور غیبت کا سبب بن سکتا ہے

Ovamir Anjum I being a Pakistani revere Imam Tahawi and Imam Nasai who do not seem to be pro asceticism. Imam Bukhari who is the pinnacle of accuracy include truthful Shia like Abaan bin Taghlab which does not make Haqq as simplistic as even educated Muslims think. Abu Nuaym Isfahani seems to be a candidate for bridging textual accuracy and asceticism. All of these names are Ahl al Sunna some of whom can see how over judgemental textual criticism can lead to orientalist and modernist skepticism. But again I do not want to become a party for promoting irrational extremist ignorance but only to be cautious about the project of judgemental intellectual burnout which empowers academic pharisees and increases an inequality called اذا وسد الامر الي غير اهله . May Allah make us all the Companions of our promised utopian leadership through consensus and collective Ijtihad and Wara. May Allah reward you for your passion for Haqq and Tawhid and may Allah protect us from Jewish bibliophilia and Christian trinitarian gnosticism.



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