Disagreeing with Protestant-Salafi Freuds

آج اللہ نے شاہ عبد الحق محدث دہلوی کا فیض جمالی مغربی جدید متقین کے سامنے بیان کرنے کا موقع دیا

اللہ بارگاہ رسالت میں یہ ہدیہ قبول فرمائے

I was raised in a family like Protestants and Salafis, but now I see why Salafism has an implicit modernist bias. Of course, my father always warned about ghuluww, but infinite caution led to a kind of anti sentimental Freudian dictatorship. Modern worldview of everything is fair in love should at least give a partial license to traditional obsessive lovers of Prophet (s) who are not academically qualified but find it easy to live the Prophetic praxis of sunnah which can be difficult if not impossible to live in post modernist America.




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