Liberal unitarianism, conservative unitarianism and Islam

liberal unitarianism perpetuates conservative trinitarianism. God bless conservative unitarian Christians if they exist.

Peter Bell Unitarians can be any political persuasion they like, but their common choice as I understand it is not to be liberal to preserve conservative trinitarianism but to oppose it because of the excesses of conservative trinitarian fundamentalism, which I think you agree do not help anyone and certainly not the cause of an open conversation with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Some of the local unitarians are conservative on a lot of issues, and the ones I know strongly oppose conservative trinitarianism. I’m not interested in arguing, but I am curious as to the sources for your claim here. Why do you believe that what you said is true?
Ishmael Abraham Fundamentalists need empathetic scriptural dialogue not strong opposition. Jesus kept commandments and then had dialogue with pharisees.


Kirby Hopper I don’t know about the “perpetuates" part of your post, not sure what you mean by that, but yes, there are plenty of conservative Unitarian Christians. I used to be one of them. The Bible College I went to graduated thousands of them. I think the Worldwide Church of God produced quite a few back in the day. I think Christadelphians are socially conservative, as are members of the Church of God, General Conference (aka Church of God Abrahamic Faith) and the numerous graduates of Atlanta Bible College. These are all what we call “Biblical Unitarians", as opposed to the Unitarian Universalists which tend to be very liberal.

The Conservatives among us however Ishmael Abraham are rarely the ones who want to even think that Islam has anything to do with God. Many will say it’s of the Devil. They are the same ones who also say people who don’t believe in Futurism, Penal Substitution Atonement, and Eternal Conscious Torment are also of the Devil. I get that judgement on a regular basis. And building bridges with Muslims? OMG, I am off my rocker according to many. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam having a common source in the God of Abraham? I’m am soooo deceived, they say.

I’ll can say this: I rarely get bored. 🙂

Ishmael Abraham Kirby Hopper you are right liberals are more open minded to intelligent interfaith dialogue but due to my own conservative background I cannot help but have the most respect for conservative unitarians and/or pro Torah unitarians. Or may be liberal unitarians may grow conservative through dialogue with Islam
Kirby Hopper Ishmael Abraham understood. I try to stay away from “my goal for you is to be more like me" however I fight the urge continually. I do believe it’s better to learn to love others enough to respect their particular individual journeys through our spiritual landscape. It’s a good place from which to begin interfaith dialogue.
Ishmael Abraham Kirby Hopper I respect your political wisdom 🙂


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