Explaining spiritualisation of mundane activities through dhikr to a Christian

Of course, on earth before death there is inevitable distance between loving believers and Beloved God. So, the best form of relationship on earth is to remember Him. Like Paul said: Pray without ceasing. Islam teaches how to pray without ceasing. Even when we go to market, go near husband, or go for call of nature we have sunnah prayers to remember God. Sunnah means Prophetic praxis because actions of remembrance are more important than empty words of boasting piety. So, even worldly activities become spiritualised. When we sleep we pray: O God with Thy name I die and rise up again. Because sleep is sister of death. When we wake up, we pray: All praise is to God who resurrected us after death and towards Him is the final resurrection. When we go to market we glorify God by saying: There is no god except God Alone who is without partner. When we answer the call of nature we pray: O God I ask for your protection against spiritual and physical impurities because our kidneys and stomach produce both physical and spiritual impurities which requires us to renew our state of impurity by ablution as a form of daily baptism. After we get a sense of relief after answering the call of nature we pray: All praise is to God who removed my sense of discomfort and relieved me. So, we thank God for even small blessings and comforts. When we have physical intimacy with our sexual partner in marriage we pray: O God protect us both from Satan and protect the baby which you will bless us from Satan. Today most people forget God as soon as they are outside Mosque or Church and even within Church people are thinking about greed and temptations. I agree with you that faith precedes Law. In Islam, the Companions or Prophetic disciples said: We learnt iman(faith) before Quran(Book containing commandments like Torah).




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