The pro-Ishmaelite community must compete liberal Murji’ah in rights of servants of God

Ishmael Abraham being a Pakistani I feel ashamed for not being qualified as a nation to treat a sick traveler to our country in a compassionate and professional way. 
Laura Weichselbaumer No reason for shame. There is no blame. This sickness can be found about everywhere under many different names (Costa Cramps, Dehli Belly, Montezuma’s Revenge, and on and on). If there were to be blame in the situation, then the blame would be on myself. I am a very experienced traveler, including into developing geographies. I certainly have the knowledge to have protected myself from this, but after weeks of beautiful touring in Pakistan, my diligence toward self care became lax in the last couple days. At any rate, it all works for good. I hope that you are able to put down this sense of shame and capture the message of goodness in the story, at the end. 🙂
Ishmael Abraham Thanks for your empathetic understanding. But please educate our traditional culture about improving health infrastructure because Hadith teaches that after prayers and obligatory virtues the most beloved action to God is to make believers happy. West is weak in God’s rights (huquq Allah) and East is weak in rights of servants of God. (huquq al ibaad)


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