Between anarchist narcissism and pacifist self annihilation

The cure to anarchist narcissism and pacifist self-annihilation is following a just and moderate leader. The challenge is to recognize that unsung hero or even heroes. Quran teaches the state of guidance requires increasing the level of sacrifice and struggle.

Nick Elam “Moderate” in this day and age means continuing the status quo, and that is unacceptable.
Ishmael Abraham One can have a moderate ideology but a tempered radical strategy like Karbala.


Nick Elam I would argue that my views are only really radical in America where the Overton window is tightly controlled. When imperialist exploitation is the norm, I guess anything outside of that is by definition radical.
Ishmael Abraham Fb seems to have started to enforce that window.
If liberals overcome their spiritual anarchism, they can find allies among compassionate ant-imperial conservatives.


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