Did God know Himself before big bang?


I asked the Prophetic descendant (p) , ‘Did God, the Majestic, the Glorious, know
Himself before He created the creation?’" He replied, “Yes, He knew Himself." I
further asked, “Did He see and hear His Own Self?" He replied, “God did not need
such things because He did not ask or demand it. He is His Own self and His Own self is He. His power is dominant and He does not need to name His Own self. He chose His Own name for the sake of others so they can call Him. Until one is not called by means of his names he is not recognized. The fist name He chose for His Own self was the Most
High, the Great because He is above all things. It then means that Allah and His name al-‘Ali al-‘Azim is His first name. The Most High, He is above all things.





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