How both Reham Khan and Imran Khan are cultural dangers to Pakistani spirituality?

Although I am happy that cultural threat of PTI is exposed, which should ideally be evidence-based, but her argument is contradictory. If PTI believes in sexual license, which it does due to westernized personality of it’s leader, then PTI does not follow orthodox Islam. The criticism of sexual license should have been leveled by orthodox Muslims, but she fills the vacuum of their criminal silence. She should be specific whether the sexual encounters were consensual or coercive. She might be conflating the two to satisfy her ego. PTI may believe in consensual sexuality which orthodox Islam hates, but she herself condones that so both Reham and PTI are cultural and spiritual threats to Pakistan. PTI is based on slogan of western justice, but they do not fulfill the ideals of both western and sacred justice, so Pakistan needs open-minded truth seekers to avoid Pakistan’s future to be ruined by a  personality cult, like PPP has already done. May God save land of the pure from both and all impure sides.



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