A sufi linguistic expression I came across provoking a mystic overflow

Weep over the sin of not having wept enough over sins until tears become oceans

إِنَّ كُلَّ حُزْنٍ يَبْلَى إِلَّا حُزْنُ الذُّنُوبِ
Quran 20:120 uses the word yabla in context of everlasting kingdom. To cite it’s usage, an online Arabic dictionary quoted this expression: All types of sadness do not last except the sadness of sins.
Ibn Ajrum threw his book in the sea and said: If it is not intended sincerely/ikhlas for God alone, it will not yabla/annihilate.
IbnUthaymeen has written a commentary on his Ajrumiyyah.



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