Personification of evil actions as an ugly man with dirty clothes

Quran 6:31 Tafsir Ibn Kathir (while they will bear their burdens on their backs; and evil indeed are the burdens that they will bear!) Asbat said that As-Suddi said, “Upon entering his grave, every unjust person will meet a man with an ugly face, dark skin, awful odor, wearing dirty clothes, who will enter his grave with him. When the unjust person sees him, he will say, `How ugly is your face!’ He will reply, `So was your work, it was ugly.’ The unjust person will say, `How foul is the odor coming from you!’ He will reply, `Such was the case with your work, it stunk.’ The unjust person will say, `How dirty are your clothes!’ He will reply, `And your work too was dirty.’ The unjust person will ask, `Who are you’ He will reply, `I am your deeds.’ So he will remain with the unjust person in his grave, and when he is resurrected on the Day of Resurrection, his companion will say to him, `In the life of the world, I used to carry you because you followed desire and lust. Today, you carry me.’ So he will ride on the unjust person’s back and lead him until he enters the Fire.



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