Islam and feminism: Message to a modernist Shia sister Nicole Correri

Ishmael Abraham For example, one aspect is that Khadijah, may God be pleased with her, died before the detailed injunctions of veiling and staying at home were revealed in Medina which was a legal and political phase of the missionary career. So, some might refer to the principle of abrogation. The best feminist example can be Aisha, may God be pleased with her, who was a scholar, but in Shia Islam, the monasticism of Fatimah, may God be pleased with her, is revered more. What should be done is to change the perception of western feminism in the minds of orthodox Muslims, both Sunni and Shia, that it is only about sexual revolution and hatred of men and God. Modern educated pious sisters can do that by educating brothers through sacred vocabulary. And, real life injustices against women should be addressed with empathy for the fact that according to Quran ‘humans are created weak’ so both men and women can behave in narcissistic ways. Dr Farhat Hashmi of Pakistan and Dr Munira Al-Qubaysi of Syria are female Sunni scholars who have emancipated and educated women by mastering tradition. Tayyaba Khanum Bukhari is a female Shia preacher in Pakistan. But none of these women have addressed western feminism which can preserve the traditional culture but not promote it beyond it’s historical geography. I am willing to work with any modern educated sister to humanize the treatment of Muslim women globally and to promote the message of Islam among modern feminists. Sister Nicole talked about gender roles but I think according to modern theories of attachment parenting, the role of housewife is best for spiritual growth and better spiritual upbringing of children. But still working women are a reality in even the orthodox community so I am open-minded to develop an intellectual framework to co-opt them spiritually. The sad state of Dr Afia is one example, how an orthodox Muslim woman failed to reconcile the two worldviews, so again, I am happy that at least someone is discussing this.



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