Conversation with a Shia pharisee about ethical humour and making fun of orthodox Muslims

Hussain Murtaza I am really surprised to see someone like you share this. Did you see the entire clip? The video has been made by enemies of and it’s actually mocking established Islamic practices like Salah, prohibition of intermingling of sex etc, it mentions the name of Prophet Esa peace be upon him very inappropriately. People’s hatred of Zakir Naik is just a bait. It’s not about Zakir Naik. It’s a subtle thinly veiled poisonous injection.
Ishmael Abraham His one of other videos are more blasphemous. I think we should allow secularists to make fun of us rather than Islam.
Hussain Murtaza Ishmael Abraham Do you think they are making fun of “us" and not Islam, in this video? Did you see the whole video. Didn’t you see how he makes fun of Salah and inappropriately mentions Prophet Esa peace be upon him.  Is this us or Islam that he’s mocking.
Ishmael Abraham But these people were never raised with fiqh to understand the legal subtleties of commandments. I try to educate them.
Hussain Murtaza Ishmael Abraham Educate them yes. But I don’t see anything positive or constructive about sharing this video on your wall.
Ishmael Abraham Secularists think we do not have a sense of humour. I tell them we believe in ethical humour. But quality reduces quantity. I like Iranian movies.
Hussain Murtaza Ishmael Abraham This is neither ethical nor religiously acceptable in my view. I make jokes all the time, and they make people laugh, but it’s never about religion.
Ishmael Abraham I agree that it does not meet spiritual standards, but Quran also tells us to find common grounds (kalimatun sawaun). I may fail but I am trying to achieve that. Your feedback helps to improve trying.
Hussain Murtaza I hate dislike yazid lover Zakir Naik as much as anyone, but this video is not about him.
Frank G Hahn yoga is so good for the body mind and spirit, and we even bowed 300 times Islam style
Hussain Murtaza More than 30 years of my life and I didn’t know till today that I am a “Shia Pharisee". 🙂 

Ishmael Abraham They do not like pharisees but it is a positive word used for fuqaha or negative word used for being over-strict.

Hussain Murtaza Ishmael Abraham Yes I know. I am assuming you consider me to be over-strict. I am not Faqih by a long shot.

Ishmael Abraham But you love ehtiyat like Fuqaha 🙂

Peter Bell Originally Persian Pharisees were given that name from the root word for separation from the world to a life of holiness before the Almighty. Pharisees have degenerated into narrow-minded legalists marked by a cold heart and a judgmental spirit, but from the beginning it was not so.
Hussain Murtaza Peter Bell I am certainly not cold hearted. The other traits mentioned by you are subject to subjective interpretation 🙂 
Peter Bell Hussain Murtaza I am not charging you with anything, my friend! Just providing a historical footnote, because the prophet Jesus butted heads with Pharisees on a daily basis, and the reason seems to be that they had lost their original vision and purpose and descended into religious control and manipulation, which we know that God hates. If you are identifying as a Shia Pharisee — which even mystifies our old nemesis Thomas Morgan, then that may be a very good thing, my friend!

Hussain Murtaza Peter Bell I was talking in a lighter mode. I know you didn’t mean anything negative.

Peter Bell I do appreciate your warm sense of humor! If it helps any, I am a recovering Pharisee too, though I don’t know much about the Shia part. But trying to work hard enough to earn the favor of God is a curse and a plague that many of us in the Abrahamic traditions find ourselves weighed down with. Here is a hint: it never will work, so we just need to cast ourselves on His sovereign mercy. All peace and blessing to you!
Ishmael Abraham I think Eastern traditional culture suffers from phariseeism, but modern western culture suffers from antinomianism more. Modern West needs God-fearing pharisees.
Peter Bell Ishmael Abraham Well, yes, we do suffer greatly from antinomianism. Agreed. But after much research I have not found phariseeism to be the answer. What’s wrong with antinomianism is not specifically its freedom from the law, but its lack of the sustaining power of grace (a thousand times more motivating and effective than fear of the law) to replace the letter of the law. The answer to antinomianism is grace, which empowers us to fulfill the law without legalism. The answer to phariseeism is grace, which empowers us to fulfill the law without legalism. Blessings and peace to you!
Ishmael Abraham Along with grace, a knowledge of commandments is also necessary which is also a part of grace.


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