Ibn Al-Jinni: A pious Semitic linguist with Roman DNA and dialogue with modern western revert brothers

A pious Semitic linguist with Roman DNA

Ishmael Abraham Ryan Morgan Christison Shia scholars consider him Shia for his expressions of love for Prophetic family.

Ryan Morgan Christison I’ll check it out bro, thanks a lot

Ishmael Abraham Do you have Roman or Greek DNA?
Ryan Morgan Christison Very unlikely, predominately Celtic & Scandinavian
Ryan Morgan Christison Plausible though due to the Roman Empire expanding out to France and the isles though
Ishmael Abraham But Quran refers to all Europeans as Romans in Chapter 30 due to common Greco-Roman culture.
Ishmael Abraham There is a narration by controversial anti-Shia general Amr bin Al-As that most Europeans will convert to Islam in end of times.
Ishmael Abraham Tony Ryno He was a linguistic Mutazili intellectual eclectic like you.



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