On Semitic iconoclasm and colorful churches with an Eastern Orthodox brother

Sufi monks prefer sombre spiritual constructions. But I like colors of nature. I like Christian traditionalism. I can see the icons as well. Blind iconoclasm paved the road for modernity and destroyed the traditional culture. I am for pro-traditional iconoclasm and spiritual/intellectual/psychological/philosophical iconoclasm and God has created that potential in you, brother. Modern humanity needs traditional arts like Islamic calligraphy.
David Hawthorne I love beauty wherever it is found and the most beautiful art and architecture of any culture is almost invariably inspired by faith.

I think this is because Beauty as a Universal is transcendent much like faith is.

Ishmael Abraham How do you distinguish seductive sensual beauty and non-seductive sensual beauty. Quran is very graphic about sensual aesthetics in Garden of Firdaws the Abrahamic root word for Paradise by describing the waterfalls for example.



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