The true story behind Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine

Some secular writers have insinuated that later saints were superior to him do not know that those later saints took their inspiration from his martyrdom. He is the son of Muhammad the pure soul who revolted against Abassids. 

The forefather of present king Qaboos of Oman loved him and secretly supported him so he was fired from his post due to his love for Prophetic descendants.

Even one polytheistic Sindhi king is said to respect the Prophetic descendants. May God bless our politicians with the same love for intellectual and biological descendants of the Prophet(s). In the last century, Nadwi is a Hasani descendant and Mawdudi is a Husayni descendant and both are neglected by masses like their forefathers.

Even Jewish professors have written the biography of the pure soul who revolted. But ignorant secularized Muslims have forgotten their own history. It should be noted that even the Prophetic family had reservations about foreign forms of mysticism.

It is said that 400 Zaydi disciples accompanied Abdullah Al-Ashtar to Sindh.



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