Reconciling ignorant traditionalism and arrogant modernism about QXP translation through Scriptural traditionalism

Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters. Divine peace be upon you. I came here because I wanted to ask someone to help me to get my official right so I opened Quran 4:85 and I liked the QXP translation on which had a word of caution about this translation. So, I was curious. So, do not be blind modernists like those who are ignorant of Arabic and the Uswah ( a Quranic concept) and I also urge my traditionalist brothers not to become blind traditionalists but become Scriptural traditionalists like Shawkani and Asad ( although he inclined to Mutazilah due to western upbringing) for example. Asad is the one who was inclined towards a rational interpretation of Elephantry in the recited Logos of Quran. So, QXP is not the first translation to do so.


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