Islam and reformative/unjust gheerah: Narcissism and traditional/liberal Pharisees


I have low IQ and relatively secular family members who have immigrated to Australia due to higher income there. Since I have family members who suffer from NPD, I enjoyed your articles about economic and violent forms of narcissism. Since, I am involved a lot in intrafaith Scriptural dialogue so I understand the Scriptural ignorance and psychological weaknesses of the violent faithful. There has been some research on NPD and marital infidelity which is more common in West. Psychologists have also talked about healthy self-love. I think being happy if your spouse is sexually faithful is healthy self-love. But since the global impact of sexual revolution, this healthy self love is hurt although in controlled amounts in East, so Pharisees of our culture are guilty of violently reacting to narcissistic mortification. To overcome that I have a vision of a psyche- sensitive pronomianism to overcome both traditional Phariseeism and modern liberal Phariseeism. Thanks for being though provoking. 🙂



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