First Muslim in Antarctica and the idolatry of Saint Andrew through saltire

A SCOTTISH adventurer has become the first Muslim to ski to the South Pole after completing a gruelling endurance trek across the frozen wastes of Antarctica.
Mostafa Salameh spent 38 days crossing the ice-bound continent with two teammates, pulling up to 90 kilos of supplies behind them on sleds.
He set off in November, but was trapped at the Union Glacier base camp by fierce storms for 13 days before setting off across one of the harshest landscapes on earth.
Along the way he raised huge sums for charity, and carried a Scottish saltire for good luck which he flew over the Pole after finally reaching his goal earlier this month.
An Islamic perspective on saltire: I am a practicing orthodox and orthoprax Muslim student of Quran and Hadith. Saltire is a symbol of pagan saint worship which is anti-biblical and anti-Quranic sin of idolatry(shirk) in Islam which God will not forgive. Saint Andrew has no power to bring victory to anyone, he was only a servant of God who was martyred for keeping the first and greatest commandment to love One God the most, called Tawhid in Islam, but humanity has forgotten the Abrahamic message by glorifying the messenger instead of God the Creator. Quran 9:31 Tafsir Jalalayn They have taken their rabbis, the scholars among the Jews, and their monks, the devout among the Christians, as lords beside God and the Messiah, son of Mary, when they were not commanded, in the Torah and the Gospel, except to worship One God: there is no god except Him; glory be to Him, as an affirmation of His transcendence [high], above what they associate [with Him].
Quran 2:120 Tafsir Jalalayn Never will the Jews be pleased with you, neither the Christians, not until you follow their creed, their religion, Say: ‘God’s guidance, that is, Islam, is the true guidance’, besides which there is only error. And if you were to follow their whims, hypothetically speaking, [whims] to which they are calling you, after the knowledge, the Divine revelation, that has come to you, you shall have against God neither friend, to protect you, nor helper, to defend you against Him.


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