To a Christian who denies the prospect of global unity of faith in One God

Christian Wright Look Ishmael Abraham , I don’t think the Qu’ran is just all bad nonsense. If there was nothing good in it, then i don’t think anyone would find it persuasive. Islamic culture also has many beautiful aspects as well.
But I think there are also many awful and ugly aspects in the Qu’ran and Muslim history. I detest these and see their consequences in the present day. You can disagree with me about that, which is fine. But I am not convinced that the Qu’ran is from God, the arguments you may try to send me won’t persuade me to become a Muslim. There isn’t any scenario where the Qu’ran will unite you and me (let alone the whole world!).
I also think Dawkins is a snob and his remarks about porn are stupid. There are people who (for non religious reasons!) see pornography as addictive and exploitative. But you know what? Dawkins has said TONS of things equally rude about Christianity and the Bible. No one banned him from speaking at a university then. The difference is that Leftists (who by the way are the most hypocritically anti-Islamic people in the world in terms of VALUES) give Muslim feelings unequal protection. Christians have been subject to “abusive speech" (some of it good argument, some bad argument, some just vulgar jokes) for decades. But if your belief is true, it withstand all of that. If everyone believed Islam (or Christianity, I won’t exempt my own background) we would NEED a Dawkins to tell us we were wrong. How else would we know if our beliefs were true or false, if we never heard anything else to compare it to?
You say the Qu’ran preached “freedom of religion"? I won’t get into the question of interpretation. But if your idea of freedom of religion is “You can think what you want privately and skip prayers, just don’t say anything that offends Muhammad’s honor or breaks his God-given rules"…that’s not freedom! Instead of a cage, it’s a prison yard that you can walk around in. Liberty of thought means *nothing* is off the table. This one thing America gets right (despite the 1,000s of things it’s gotten wrong in the Middle East). You can burn an American flag, offend America’s honor, and the courts say that’s free speech. I think that’s right, because NO ONE is above criticism. Neither is any religion. Jimmi Ununger Ishmael sounds like hitchens started the iraq war Jimmi Ununger What does ishmael define as traditional islamic culture? Jules B Dubs Ishmael Abraham you had my attention UNTIL I read the word Zionist. Jules B Dubs Ishmael Abraham why are you even on here if you think ex Muslims are xenophobic? Look, I’m a Christian (you might call me a Zionist. Idk. That seems to be the latest buzzword of hate for anyone who is judeo-christian) and I happen to agree with some of Dawkins views. Other views I don’t. I know why I follow Jesus. Because he was a pacifist who taught about love and forgiveness. Others have twisted his message. Can we say the same for Mohammed? I don’t think so. Jules B Dubs Christian Wright nailed it.
Ishmael Abraham Christian Wright I think the best argument for you is Quran 5:82 which says true Christians are best friends of Muslims. There are contemporary Christian theologians who are open-minded to see how Islam resonates with early biblical Christianity more than modern heterodox Christianity. The examples are Thomas Mcelwain, Ian Mevorach and Kirby Hopper. Sufis saints understood that dialectic alone no matter how polite it may be is not sufficient for people to overcome egoism and hard-heartedness rather it requires prayers like tahajjud and divine grace. Islam in the Bible : Professor Thomas McElwain : Free Download &…… Ishmael Abraham I think blasphemy laws predate the final manifestation of Islam. For example, Jews tried to stone Jesus peace be upon him for blasphemy, so blasphemy laws have been misused but they exist to encourage serious and respectful discussion. For example, I disagree with trinity but a Muslim will never blaspheme the three holy persons of the Creator, the Holy Spirit and the Messiah. We have sufficient emotional intelligence to disagree without verbal abuse unlike both Zionist Christians and militant atheists. The scholars of sacred law in Islam in stated that if a Christian says I do not accept the Ishmaelite Messenger of God(p) it does not constitute blasphemy because it is part of his identity. Ishmael Abraham Jules, There are ultra-orthodox Jews like Neturei Karta like are anti-Zionist and can see that Israel is a secular state that legalizes unholy gay prides and other secular greco-roman ideas. Jews even led a Maccabees revolt against Greek culture and Jewish martyrs sacrificed their lives against pagan secularism. Ishmael Abraham Jesus peace be upon him followed Torah which teaches hating evil so unconditional love is the reason evil is triumphing in the world. We can hate the evil and be tolerant towards evil-doers at the same time. Psalm 97:10 Let those who love the LORD hate evil. Proverbs 8:13 To fear the LORD is to hate evil; Ishmael Abraham Jimmi, there are two types of traditions. Polytheistic tradition which contradicts Scripture and monotheistic tradition which resonates with Scripture. We see trinity as a polytheistic tradition which contradicts Scripture. In Islam, Sunnah/Prophetic praxis and Ahlulbayt/Prophetic family represents the holy tradition. If something from tradition violates Quranic Scripture it is null and void.


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