Quran 29:41 and ineffectiveness of spider webs against harsh climate

A pre-modern Tafsir Jalalayn describes the ineffectiveness of spider webs against harsh climate.
The likeness of those who choose besides God other patrons namely idols from whom they hope to profit is as the likeness of the spider that makes a home for itself in which to shelter. And truly the frailest the weakest of homes is the home of the spider for it neither protects it from heat nor cold — likewise idols cannot benefit those who worship them — if they only knew this they would not worship them.
Spiders are cold-blooded, so they must derive warmth from outside their bodies. Being cold-blooded also means the outside temperature directly affects their internal body temperature. When temperatures drop, their metabolic processes slow down. In prolonged cold, cold-blooded animals are susceptible to freezing to death. Arctic spiders have developed adaptations that allow them to thrive in spite of the harsh climate. Some species produce a chemical called glycol that prevents ice from collecting around their bodies. Other species’ bodies have adapted to allow ice to form only outside their cell walls. Some species burrow under a thick layer of snow, which protects them from the wind.



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