Message to a Catholic sister who condoles Hamza Yusuf on demise of his mother

Oh my dear brother, I’m so sorry for your loss, I’ve never in my life seen anyone talk about their mother as lovingly and beautifully as you just did. I am Catholic and I have a strong feeling deep down that God is waiting for her with open arms. Your mother sounds like she was an amazing woman. The fact that her children were present with her in her final moment says much about her as a mother, she raised you as an intelligent, sincere and loving man. What you wrote truly came from your heart because it certainly touched mine. I will keep her in my prayers and will always remember how you described her. I know she was proud of you. May she rest in peace, Amen. ❤ Ishmael Abraham
May Allah unite sister Aidan with brother Hamza’s mother through shahadah which means keeping first and greatest commandment to love One God especially with all our MINDS which both Catholics and Protestants fail to keep by belief in anti-Scriptural trinity, and Jesus peace be upon him said: If you want to enter life meaning eternal life, keep the commandments so one is spiritually dead and unsaved without faith in Abrahamic unitarianism(tawhid) like Arian Catholics and Biblical Unitarians. Even Isaac Newton admitted that Saint Arius was truthful and Niceans were heretics


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