Dialogue with an atheist about the Guided One’s goal of global justice

Nick Elam

I want someone that has been persecuted by police as much as I have been to tell me I’m wrong about police. Not someone that has worshipped them since birth.
Ishmael Abraham Earth will be filled with justice and it is filled now with injustice. If this is what police does to its own citizens imagine what the army does to foreigners. No human deserves to be worshiped no matter how perfect he maybe.
Nick Elam That’s why our foreign policy is my biggest issue after health care. It’s ridiculous how apathetic we are towards slaughter as long as the people being slaughtered don’t look like us.
Ishmael Abraham We need an ethical science that does not help in research and development of murderous military industrial complex.
Nick Elam We need to destroy the Military Industrial Complex outright.
Ishmael Abraham How can we destroy it without destroying the underlying philosophy of unethical science. Why do scientists develop bombs? Because their scientific worldview is devoid of ethics.
Nick Elam Well the key to that is developing critical thinking in the population. I’m working on it.
Ishmael Abraham Hardcore critical thinkers would criticize ethics instead of unethical science.
Nick Elam Why not both?
Ishmael Abraham How can you criticize what is inherently pure. Can ethics be misused?
Nick Elam Nothing can be inherently pure because the idea of purity is a human creation to begin with
Ishmael Abraham I work in a Nano electronics lab where we have clean rooms. We can always improve purity by reducing number of particles in air. Ethics is about continuous moral progress.
Nick Elam You’re not talking about purity, you’re talking about cleanliness. Which again, is an idea created by humans. The problem is everyone has a different set of morals. Some people share a lot of morals, but I would doubt any two people have the exact same set of morals. That’s why there has yet to emerge one that is compatible with everyone, and why there will never be one world religion.
Ishmael Abraham Cleanliness is an exoteric concept and purity is an esoteric concept. Exoteric is something like science and esoteric is something like philosophy. I think globalization will help humanity to evaluate all moral systems and the best will survive critical thinking according to Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest.



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