This should be shared with Shias

This should be shared with Shias because they hate these two personalities.
Umar may God be pleased with him sent the following message to Amr bin Al-As may God be pleased with him. It has reached me that you recline while judging cases of people. Sit in a humble way otherwise I would relieve you from your post. Leave pretentious clothes and wear the clothes of fear and penitence for God, if clothes were a source of honour, God would not tell people to leave their colorful clothes in House of God built by Abraham and Ishmael peace be upon them.
اقصر وابلغ رسالة فى التاريخ ..
من : عمر بن الخطاب الى : عمرو بن العاص
بلغنى أنّك تجلس فى مجلس الحكم متّكئاً.. فإجلس متواضعاً يابن العاص وإلا عزلتك . دع التأنق في لبس الثياب وكن لله لابساً ثوب الخوف والندم لو كان للمرء في أثوابه شرف ما كان يخلع أجملهن في الحرم …
من أروع ما قرأت لله درك ياعمر رضي الله عنك والصحابة الكرام وارضاك.


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