Making an atheist friend

Ishmael Abraham I just wanted to relate in a positive way to fellow humans. You are allergic to Christian dogma. You never met Muslim humanists throughout your life.
Alex Scalzi well it’s not only christian. i was being a little factitious when i make the ‘makes me literally sick’ joke. what i intend to portray to readers is ANY dogma, religious or otherwise. ideologies all inherently are, NOW the people i have no issue with so long as they let me do me. im cool with ANYONE who never impedes on my three most important things, myself, my family, and my friends. just as long as those conditions are met i dont care what you believe in
Ishmael Abraham Thanks for not being Hitchens who supported Iraq war.
Alex Scalzi lol np, i don’t like war or bloodshed very much as a reality. videos games and movies are one thing but when people are actively killing one another because reasons i wish that i could just move off the planet


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